Thanksgiving is over, now what???

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Yes, we all ate a lot for Thanksgiving, and probably the day after, in fact the rest of the weekend, most people decide to eat plenty of leftovers  and more, feeling guilty and probably a little more bloated than usual. What its done, its done, no need to make yourself miserable by punishing yourself with guilt, that will not reverse anything, but the one thing that can be done is to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!!! yes, I did it too! ate a bunch! Now my plan is to get back on track and not look back!


I will begin by cleaning up my kitchen from junk food and prepare my lean meats and veggies ahead of time so that the rest of the week I can simply grab and go and not have to cook every single day.


I will plan my workouts ahead of time so that I know exactly what I will be doing at the gym this week, I try to do this every weekend and see what my weak points are at this point in time and get it done!


I will be traveling next weekend, so I need to make sure and bring healthy eats so that I am not tempted with bad options, these are some the foods I like to bring when I travel: Quest bars, powder protein, PROTEIN RUSH RTD, all natural peanut butter, canned tuna, dry old fashion oats, some cooked turkey patties, low carb bread

Good luck! GET ON IT!!!! 🙂