What is your fitness destination?

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A few years ago my husband and I drove from Fishers, Indiana to
Clearwater, Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. We made the
trip in one day, two adults traveling with four dogs. Sounds
challenging and maybe even a little crazy, but we did it and we are
still happily married. The whole trip went smoothly because we planned
ahead, including having the car serviced, mapping our route, selecting
stopping points to stretch our legs, sharing drive time and being
flexible during our journey (darn cone zones). How does this apply to
fitness and your goals? Because like picking your destination your
goals should be specific. We weren’t just going anywhere to Florida
but more specifically we were traveling to my parent’s home in
Clearwater, Florida. So instead of defining your goal as “to lose
weight” be more specific. How much weight do you want to lose? Also,
be realistic in your time frame for your goal. Traveling to Florida in
one day was ambitious but not impossible. So to with your fitness goal
it is okay to be ambitious but be realistic. A rule of thumb for
weight loss is about 1-2 pounds a week. Also, before you begin your
fitness journey, visit your doctor to make sure you don’t have any
underlying medical conditions that could hinder your journey. Another
important part of your journey is planning. How will you reach your
fitness goal? For our trip to Florida we knew ahead of time the
highways we were going to take. In your fitness journey, consider
hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym or having a workout buddy.
For each leg of your journey, don’t forget to stop and stretch, or in
this case reward yourself for each milestone. Be mindful of the
roadblocks and other obstacles that may try and derail you on your
journey but don’t let them stop you from reaching your destination. It
may be a bumpy ride, the journey may not be easy, but reaching your
destination is well worth the effort!


by Lynn Koser