Start the New Year with a BANG!!!

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Hello Fitness friends!!!

2013 is here, along with all of our New Year’s resolutions, many of us get started with a Bang, just to drop out a few weeks later when the excitement of the new year fades away. Here are some tips to keep you motivated and on the right track to a NEW YOU!


Baby Steps:

Focus on small strides in order to reach your goal, remember that it didn’t take you a week to get out of shape, therefore it will take you way more than one week to get into shape, but you can start by getting into the gym, or hiring a personal trainer so that she can help you put into paper what your goals are, as well as a realistic time frame that might take in order for you to see results. Remember, Roam wasn’t built in one day! it takes time, hard work and perseverance!


Clean out the kitchen:

Get rid of all the chocolate, pastries and other junk from the holidays. Go back into the grocery store and start fresh by stocking plenty of lean cuts of meat, fruits and veggies. Plan ahead of time and prepare your clean healthy meals ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of the week without healthy options. Drink plenty of water and ditch the sodas sugary drinks and alcohol.


Get a partner involved:

Studies show that you will have better chances at staying on track if you train with a partner. Whether is a friend or spouse, try to push one another and keep each other accountable. If you do not have someone to get on this new lifestyle with you, then hire a professional, go to a personal trainer who will hold you accountable, help you set up a plan, and will always provide the positive energy you need to reach your fitness goals!