Road To The Arnold 2014 (II)

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Road to the Arnold 2014

Second entry blog

I am going on to 12 weeks prior to show and I am feeling awesome! I am very happy due to the fact that I am able to train hard and keep my caloric intake fairly high, which in return allows me to lift heavier and train harder than being on a pre-contest low calorie diet. I got past the “post contest blues” and lost the bloat from my party and feeling back on track! Cardio is at 3 times a week, short sessions still, reverse dieting is going great! my carbs have gone up in the 200’s again and I am still enjoying my favorite Quest bar: Apple Pie!!! Yummy!!!

Thanks to the right guidance, patience and perseverance, I have been building my metabolism back up in 2013. In January of this year, I was diagnosed with an extreme case of hypothyroidism. I remember being in Disney World with my family back in January and feeling miserable, I had no energy whatsoever, I tried to make the trip as fun as possible for my 5 year old, but I felt as if I was carrying a ton of bricks on my back while walking around the park, all I wanted to do was really go back to the hotel and sleep… but I pushed through. When we came home from Florida, I was already 10 pounds heavier than when I left, I figured the holidays and the trip made me gain some weight but I would have no trouble losing the weight (as I didn’t in the past). Just to find myself gaining as much as 3 to 5 pounds the following week and still feeling drained. I knew this was obviously not normal so I went to see a doctor. After bloodwork results came back, he informed me that my thyroid was completely shut down, which was the cause of my feeling of exhaustion and rapid weight gain. In less than a month, my weight was up to 160 pounds, I was so depressed and thought for a while that I would probably never be able to compete again.

I recall working at the Arnold Expo back in March and running to the bathroom crying because I felt surrounded by all these amazing fit individuals and I was at the heaviest I had been since pregnancy 5 years ago; I weighed over 160 pounds by then and I was extremely emotional due to hormonal issues going on … I happened to bump into IFBB Pro Felicia Romero who had also stopped competing for a while due to thyroid issues, she said she was building her metabolism back up but it would take time, and it had taken many months to drop just a little bit of weight but to be patient. That same day I bumped into my former coach,  Fitness Olympia  Jen Hendershott, and I broke down crying when I saw her, especially since she had helped me with prep the previous summer and I won both my classes. Well, lets say it was not a good weekend.


Since I wasn’t able to compete, I continued to train hard so I could continue to make improvements muscle wise, day in and day out, lifting heavy and staying away from cardio, I continued to eat nutritiously dense foods to fuel my workouts and recover properly, I added a post workout recovery supplement which made a difference on my recovery period and energy levels, plus it was like a nice treat after a hard weight training session. I like it not only because it tastes amazing, but it also contains all the ingredients necessary to replenish my body after an intense weight training session (Creatine, L-Glutamine, Whey protein,  quick acting carbohydrates, BCAAs just to mention a few).

As I continued with training and trying not to pay attention to the scale (since it wouldn’t budge a single ounce for weeks…) I decided to push the Laura Marenco Fitness Team an extra notch, I wanted to focus on helping other girls get on stage and succeed, I had been coaching girls for a few years now, but it wasn’t until this year in 2013 that I actually had a team of girls at a show. At the NPC Indianapolis Championships 2013 we won the Team Award for most placings at the show in both Figure and Bikini, it was a really exciting night, I went up on stage to receive awards with them; later on I saw pictures and I was so depressed when I saw myself so heavy. On the same stage where I had won 1st place a few times before. Well, that didn’t stop me.

Diana trophees                      before and after for blog

I made my mind up and decided to prep for KY Muscle where I won 1st place in Masters and 2nd in Open B class, I didn’t know if I would even be able to compete, but I told myself that I would train and diet with the show in mind.

I will continue with my story on my next blog entry. For right now, I continue to focus on the Arnold 2014, I am super excited!