Road To The Arnold 2014 (I)

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Road To The Arnold 2014

Blog Entry #1

So as of this last weekend I am 14 weeks out from competing at the Arnold 2014! I am super excited! but at the same time little stressed and worried. Just a little over a week ago I competed at the Kentucky Muscle and did a lot better than expected. Not that I didn’t work hard, but just for the fact that I was at 160 pounds earlier this year and with a bad case of hypothyroidism, my goal was to simply be able to step on stage and do ok. I turned out placing 1st in Figure Masters 35+ and 2nd in Figure Open Class B. That was a tough competition but I think I held my own! I look back now and realize how much work I put into this year… day in and day out, I just wanted to be back to where I felt comfortable at, so I can say that I did it. With that said, now I have to deal with the post competition rebound weight gain effect and trying to stay focused on my end goal.

laura front back KYM


My week post competition was rough, as I dealt with ups and downs and what’s known as the “post competition blues” basically just the “blah” effect of “I’m done with my show, so what now???” add some serious cravings and you get a recipe for destruction in a nutshell! haha! luckily I made it through the week and gaining only 7 pounds, from those, I am sure some is fat, but also water weight as well. Have to keep in mind that “stage weight” is not for here to stay, so anything above 5 pounds over stage weight is completely normal and I am happy I was able to indulge a little. Now back on the wagon!!! still dealing with cravings I still allow myself some yummy treats,  I love, love ,love oatmeal with my favorite vanilla or banana flavored protein powder, as my carbs are not too low right now, I can still get away with a couple of servings of oats and protein and still be ok.

Training is going great! back to strong and lifting heavy! cardio is only at 3 times a week, though I sometimes want to do more, I have to constantly remind myself that at this point cardio won’t really help me with my end goal, which is maintain my lean muscle and build as I can right now, I have to save it for later once I am closer to show…. that’s when it really will come handy!!

Ok, I will write again in the next few days! let me know if you have questions! Please stay tuned as I will be adding more videos about exercises and recipes soon!!! thanks for reading!

Laura 🙂