Road to the Arnold 2014 (entry III)

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Back with another entry, this one is going to be a little different. I am just about 9 weeks out from show. Clients and friends constantly ask if I struggle like they do, or if any of the other competitors I know struggle (as far as keeping my diet consistent for prep)… umm…YEAH!!!! haha! of course I strugle, I don’t necessarily “Love” dieting, even though right now I am still getting high enough calories to not be miserable, still sucks to have to be on a strict regimen during the Holidays.

Right now, as we all know, is the hardest time of year to prep for a show in my opinion, seems like temptation is in front of my face all the time, all day long, and if I want to try to be social  I just have to suck it up and pass on the treats. On the upside, since I am  following the macronutrient system, I will say that I have been to parties and still enjoy just a little bit of what I want as long as I account for that on my daily macro count. It isn’t easy, because naturally, I want MORE of the “fun” foods, and wish I didn’t have to be limited, but at the end of the day I am also glad that I am being held accountable. Usually, this time of  year, I will overindulge (just like most people do) and end up with extra 10 pounds that I have to get rid of once January comes around (yes, I am a girl and hate it when my hips and butt get bigger…)

So what’s a girl trying-to-stay-on a-mission to do? here are a few tips that have worked for me so far:


If you are going out to eat with friends, just eat before you actually get to the restaurant. I know it sounds silly, but come on, you and I know well that there is no way to really “plan” a non-cheat meal at a restaurant unless you are eating straight fresh salad and steamed veggies. So that’s the idea, have your own good source of protein, carbs and fat at home, then once you get to restaurant order a fresh salad or steamed veggies and focus on catching up with your friends and family and not necessarily of what is on the table to eat.


The other option would be to plan your “high” day, or “re-feed” or”cheat meal” whatever you call it, on the day you know you are going out to eat with friends; have what you want and be “guilt free”. We all need to do this once in a while to maintain our sanity, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is also called “balance” 🙂


It doesn’t matter when it is, what time it is or who will be around, if you are on a mission, to stay healthy, to get in shape, to lean out, to stay out of trouble or whatever you goal may be, or for simple personal satisfaction; pack your food in a cooler and bring it with you. Simple as that, you will always have someone asking you “why” but if after you have explained your goals they don’t “get it” well, maybe they get it and they’re a little jealous of your self-discipline and commitment. STICK TO THE PLAN regardless… It’s good to have your own safe options handy when you really don’t know what they will serve somewhere…


If you didnt have time to pack your food, bring a shake! it will be quick, easy and satisfying! especially if its a protein blend also known as meal replacement or a mix of quick and slow digesting protein sources with fiber and healthy fats. I personally love LEAN FUSION (banana) by R+D body. Yes, I use that blend during the morning for breakfast in my oatmeal or on the go when I didn’t have time to pack food. I honestly have been eating the same thing for breakfast for years! LOL! and I don’t get tired of it. I have used other protein brands in the past of course, but it’s hard to find one that tastes and blends well with my oatmeal. Here is a short video on how I prepare my oats every morning: 


So anyway, some days are better than others as expected, some days my diet could be better, some days I am 100% dialed in. So what I tell myself constantly is “TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME” otherwise i’d go completely nuts (which happens sometimes… but I try my best to keep it together lol)

So in case you are trying to get ready for a show, or simply trying to stay in control over the holidays, just know that WE ALL STRUGLE and we have to be patient and not be so hard on ourselves. I don’t want to be perfect, I don’t expect to be perfect, life happens and we have to deal with it, take it one day at a time, do the best at planning, and staying on track 98% of the time. Otherwise, you’d go crazy. Somedays I forget to tell myself this and I get so overwhelmed that it gets unhealthy. But then, I am just trying to do MY BEST… at the end of the day, lets focus on simply becoming the BEST VERSION  of ourselves without getting so stuck on perfection, instead, focus on PROGRESSION and MODERATION.

Until next time… take care and keep on going!!!!! Feel free to email me with questions at