Cassie’s Garlic Cheese Fries

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Cassie's Healthy Garlic Cheese Fries

-90g white potato
-14g shredded cheese
-31g Oikos Dips French Onion
-garlic powder, pepper, sea salt


Slice potato into fry strips until 90g is achieved (weigh uncooked). May leave skin on or peel. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cover pan with aluminum foil (to avoid mess) and spray with cooking spray. Place your fries onto the pan and sprinkle desired amount of pepper and garlic powder. Allow to bake for 15-17 mins based on desired crispiness. Once they are done, take them out and sprinkle cheese evenly across the top. Place back in oven for only a minute or so until cheese has melted. After cheese is melty, take out your fries, add sea salt AFTER fries are done cooking and the Oikos Dips French Onion to the top. Enjoy! These are also very good with Walden Farm’s Ranch dressing or Walden Farms Ketchup.

Macros: 5f/21.5c/7.5p
Macros without Oikos Dips French Onion: 4f/19.5c/5.5p



Cassie Dugan is an active client with LMF, she is currently getting ready for her fist NPC Figure Competition