Eating Healthy when Traveling

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Whenever I have to travel and need foods that are easy to carry and warm up, these are my choices! I even will use these same staples during days that I am way too busy and haven’t had time to prep my food as usual (once a week bake and grill meats and steam my veggies).

Make sure to make previous arrangement with the hotel or simply stay at a suite that has a microwave and a small fridge so that you can store your food.  You will need a nice size cooler to bring your items, use ice packs to keep your food cool and fresh! 🙂

Bell Evans chicken frozenBRAND: Bell and Evans

PROS: -Frozen pre-cooked chicken breast, raised without antibiotics, great for travel, just warm up in microwave and enjoy, great tasting.

CONS: May be a little pricey, I have only found it at Whole Foods

Tyson Chicken frozenBRAND: Tyson

PROS: Frozen, pre-cooked, find it at any regular grocery store in the freezer, easy to warm up in the microwave and easy to carry in a cooler

CONS: Non really

jasmin riceBRAND: 365 from Whole Foods

PROS: Pre-cooked white rice, nice texture and easy to warm up in a microwave. Great for both contest prep and off season. Good source of easy digesting carbs

CONS: Can only be found at Whole Foods, you can find a different version at Trader Joes

Rice cakesBRAND: Quaker

PROS: Plain rice cakes lightly salted, delicious, easy for travel, great for off season and any time you need a quick source or carbs. You can find these at any grocery store.

CONS: I don’t find any

black beans


BRAND: Bush’s

PRO: Pre-cooked black beans, great source of carbs and protein, easy for travel, taste great, good choice for off season and contest prep

CONS: canned and not fresh…

Starkist-Solid-White-Albacore-Tuna-in-WaterBRAND: Starkist

PROS: Ecellent source of protein, no carbs, great for traveling or on the go, good during off season and contest prep, can me used in different dishes quickly

CONS: Canned not fresh, potential mercury carrier

tuna pouch

Same as above but this pouch is simply easier to carry as it occupies less space and its easy to open.

justin's PB pouchBRAND: Justin’s

PROS: Great source of healthy fats, 2 servings per pouch, organic and easy to travel on grab on the go

CONS: if you are looking for  straight source of fat, this isn’t it as it contains some carbs, other than that its great, but it can be expensive

EBF_SpringMix_170x225BRAND: Earthbound Farms

PROS: Pre-washed ready to eat organic fresh lettuce mix, perfect for travel and any time you don’t want to be chopping your own, also found in different varieties

CONS: Can be pricy, on the other hand, you can always find the non-organic version such as DOLE.

celery and carrotsVeggie sticks

PROS: Easy to carry, may find at any grocery store, easy for travel, no mess cutting or bagging, though if you want to get more bang for your buck you can always pre-cut and bag them yourself in ziploc baggies

CONS: Not very cost effective

lean fusion banana cream 2lb

BRAND: R+D body “Lean Fusion” protein

PROS: easy access to a meal replacement, great quality and taste

CONS: might get messy if you spill the powder, so simply place in zip loc baggies as well