Figure and Bikini Contest Prep

Team LMF Figure 2015Whether you are in the Indy area or in a different city, Laura will get you stage ready and will make sure you know everything there is to know in regards to competing with the NPC. This package includes:

  • Strength Training Program Design: These are workouts designed specifically for you, your needs and your limitations (if any). Laura will update your program every 6-8 weeks, will direct you on proper timing of exercises, rest periods, rep ranges and will provide links to youtube when necessary so that you know exactly which exercise to perform.
  • Competition nutrition plan personalized to your current body composition, age and activity level using the macronutrient system
  • Itemized nutrition plan reflecting your macros (initial plan, this will be updated as macros change per request)
  • Supplement recommendations.
  • Posing for stage (both Bikini or Figure) if you are in the Indianapolis/Carmel area.
  • Will cover important topics with you such as presentation, tanning, make up hair and photo shoots if desired.
  • Make Up application day of the show (if in the Indy area) for a small fee.
  • You will be part of the LMF Team and receive all the support necessary to make you feel comfortable and ready to WIN!!!
  • For PRICING ON CONTEST PREP please contact Laura directly at

50 min posing session for either Bikini or Figure $65 (Great for first time competitors)
30 min posing session for either Bikini or Figure $40 (for the experienced athlete who is looking into polishing her stage presence)


Judy Hollingsworth
Natalie Wilson
Kristin Beaty
Sydni Phelan
Jackie Howell
Jill Iles
Leslie Hylton
Lauren Bryant
Raquel Villavicencio
Diana Rodriguez-Voguel
Marissa Cunningham
Anissa Nunn

What LMF Teammates are saying: 


Jill Iles

While at the gym, running my endless number of miles on the treadmill, I would see Laura working out and dreamed of just looking like her shadow! I finally got the guts to step out of my comfort zone of running and joined Laura's team to train for my first NPC figure competition. I would meet with Laura in her studio to lift and she would push me to work to my fullest potential. I would count, "...3, 2, 1" and think I was done until she'd smile and say, "Give me 5 more, you got it!" She took me beyond failure.

Laura set me up for success by writing a meal plan for me that coincided with my workouts and then monitored me closely throughout the entire process. She kept tabs on  how I was feeling and how my energy levels were holding up. She'd check on my fitness pal journals and offered suggestions.  Laura gave me the knowledge to manage a new and healthy lifestyle.  However, the most important thing I took from this experience, is the confidence I gained from it all.  I am not that girl to get up in front of a panel of judges in a figure competitor suit! Before I met Laura, I didn't know what confidence was.  She pointed out  my strong areas and helped me improve in my weak ones. Laura taught me how to believe in myself.  I can say I have completely changed from the inside out.  - Jill


Carling Cochran

February 2012 after the holidays ending and coming off a break up with an ex I decided I wanted to change for the better.

Having worked out in the past, I would be one of those typical gym girls who would go for a few months then take a few months

off. It had been a good six months since really my last "gym phase". I decide to make a change for myself. I have always been very petite

but I always wanted people to look at me and she works out...instead of she is skinny. So I started hitting the gym daily 4-5 times a week. The problem was I didn't really know a whole lot about lifting weights. I was more of a cardio/ ab kinda girl. So I tried to teach myself. Some months went by and just by luck I ran into someone who had Laura as her coach. So I immediately got Laura's only took me a week to get the courage to call her. Finally did and we met a few days later. Then my whole outlook on working out, training and nutrition changed. I realized I wasn't feeding my body the way I needed to to be healthy and have that fit look I wanted. Laura knew off that bat that me stepping on stage to do a fitness show was really my goal. So we started training and got my nutrition on track. Which I stuck to day in and day out. I knew what I wanted and Laura was my avenue on how to get it! Fast forward a few months later, I stepped on stage for my1st NPC Bikini show with a lot of help from Laura and low and behold I took 1st place. I know I would have never been in the position I am today without having Laura coach me and cheer me on all the way. I tell you my story so that you know at any stage you start out at, if you are willing to put in the hard work...blood sweat and tears Laura will get you to where you want to be....The sky is the Limit!!!!

Lisa Spitzer

Prior to meeting Laura Marenco running was my main source of exercise. I loved it but I was very scrawny and did not feel good about my body. I was looking for a change and hopefully a transformation that would give me confidence that I had lacked. I came across Laura’s ad for personal training in a magazine and admired her physique. I checked out her website and saw that she competed in many figure competitions.  I had never lifted weights but I was intrigued and thought that would be something I would love to do so I gave her a call.  Upon our first consultation and meeting with her in person to discuss my goals, I was sold.  I could not wait to get started. I really had a hard time believing I could ever compete in a figure competition, but Laura assured me that she could make it happen.

We agreed to meet three times a week for 30 minute sessions.  Along with the workouts we practiced posing and stage presence.  Laura also helped me pick out my

suit and shoes that I would wear for my first show. She went over everything from hair and make-up to what to expect at showtime.  The workouts were tough at times and I constantly told her how mean she was and she constantly ignored me and pushed me even harder.  Laura further explained to me the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation in conjunction with training.  She designed a nutrition plan for me which she closely monitored and changed accordingly.

The result was an amazing transformation both physically and mentally.  I went from 14% body fat to 8% body fat with increased lean muscle mass.  At 47 years old I felt stronger, healthier and more energetic then I did in my 20’s. More importantly, I felt more secure and happy than I had in a long time.

On April 13, 2013, I walked on that stage with a self confidence that I had never experienced.  I placed 5th in two divisions. It was definitely worth all the hard work.

Working with Laura has changed every aspect of my life and I can not thank her enough for her dedication, patience and advice.  If you are looking for a personal trainer that goes above and beyond and has so much passion for what she does, call Laura Marenco.  You will be amazed at your results . Thank you Laura.  See you at the next show. - Lisa

Judy Hollingsworth

I have been body obsessed most of my life, through the ups and downs in weight, different fitness plans, cardio like crazy and even running. Add in a little bulimia and you have the picture.   Don't get me wrong, I love the physical activity, but never obtained the results I wanted: lean muscular look.  Always left me feeling like I was missing something, just could not put my finger on it.

Enter peri-menopause, did I mention I was on the verge of turning 49 when all of the above went down?   Despite running daily with a long run on Saturdays I found myself with a stubborn roll of unsightly adipose around my mid-section, see the picture  I was perplexed, I thought I was a pretty clean eater, so couldn't understand  what was going on with me. Oh yeah, I also didn't mention I am a Registered Nurse with a Master's Degree, significant time in physiology and nutrition, and a love of tracking macronutrients.

I wasn't bad, compared to average America, weight 149  , body fat 23%, size 6-8.

In the course of the  discussion regarding my goals, I mentioned that I would like to compete in a figure competition. No goal, no plan on how to get there, but the semblance of an initial plan an inkling of a flame.

Enter to my world, Laura Marenco, referred to me by a mutual friend.  My friend said I think she competes and coaches other people.  Well, meeting Laura was an opening to whole new world of competition figure.  At this point I was hooked.

I started slowly with my new coach, first just posing and then full on work out and nutrition sessions.  The training was fierce and so worth every ounce of sweat and time.  Laura’s expertise regarding training schedules, nutrition, supplements, and overall knowledge of the new world (to me) was something I could not get enough of and soaked it all in like a sponge.  All of this culminated on June 8 when I took the stage for my first competition.

I knew that when I walked on stage I had already won, regardless of any placing or results at the end of the night.  I was the oldest woman in my class, but certainly, one could not tell this by looking.  Quite frankly, at 51, I thought I looked better than many others younger than me in age.  I walked on the stage knowing that I had worked hard to achieve the results that I had obtained and whether I ever walked on stage again, I had learned that one is never too old to transform, body and mind!

I had the best time!  All of the competitors were friendly and encouraging.  What a fabulous group of positive like-minded people.  Now I am in the midst of a muscle building period of time and looking forward to my second competition, November 8 in Kentucky.  With a little time on my side to review where I have been, let me share a few of  the lessons I have learned:

• It is possible to have a lean, athletic looking frame over 40, heck over 50.

• Cardio, while important, is not the be all end all for getting into shape.

• Muscle development will solve many things related to aging: metabolism slow down, skin changes with age, drooping bottom

• Nutrition can NEVER be discounted!!  You cannot exercise your way to a lean health physique only, you must pay attention to what goes in your mouth!

Lynn Koser

"In September 2011, I picked-up a free magazine at my local grocery store. The magazine was Active Life Guide. At the back there were advertisements and one that caught my eye was for Laura Marenco Fitness.

Laura had the look that I have always wanted, strong but still feminine, so on a whim I contacted her. When we met, my initial goal was to tone up, maybe even have some muscle definition. I was bored at home with my current routine and I needed someone to keep me motivated. After I started training with Laura, I started to ask her a lot of questions about figure/bikini competitions.


I soon changed my goal from toning to becoming contest ready for the Northern Kentucky Show. I also invested in Laura's nutrition consultation so that I understood what I needed to fuel my body to get it in top shape. We met 3 times a week initially but closer to the show we met 4 times a week. The training was always changing, never the same routine. She also helped me with my posing that would be needed on stage. I really felt like Laura went above and beyond to get me show ready.

I soon changed my goal from toning to becoming contest ready for the Northern Kentucky Show. I also invested in Laura's nutrition consultation so that I understood what I needed to fuel my body to get it in top shape. We met 3 times a week initially but closer to the show we met 4 times a week. The training was always changing, never the same routine. She also helped me with my posing that would be needed on stage. I really felt like Laura went above and beyond to get me show ready.

I did compete in the Northern Kentucky Show against some other very experienced competitors. I placed 13th out of 21 competitors in my group. For my first show and having only trained for 6months, I was pleased with the results. Without Laura's help, I would not have had the courage to walk on stage in a tiny bikini.

Training with Laura helped me grow both physically and mentally. There were days I had my doubts I could do this but with Laura's help and her experience, she made me believe in myself. I continue to train with Laura because I enjoy it. She keeps my training challenging and maybe again, soon, I might just compete in another show. Until then, I am keeping my body challenged, my mind sharp, and fueling my body with clean foods."

- Lynn


Kim Brenton

"Laura Marenco helped me take my training and physique to the next level- placing 3rd at my first NPC show! She closely monitored my diet, training and progress- making the necessary adjustments to keep me on track. She always kicked my butt in the gym and provided me with agreat variety of meal plans. Laura was also able to recommend the necessary supplements that supported my goals." 🙂







Raquel Villavicencio

Thanks to Laura I was able to get in the best shape of my life.  I had set a personal goal to get myself into a position where I could respectably get on stage in a fitness competition.  I was a single mom, over 30, working full-time and needed to prove to myself I could do it.  After three months of hard training with Laura, in June 2012 I competed in a National Qualifying show in the bikini division.  To my surprise, not only did I walk on stage, but I placed 2nd!  I could not have done it without Laura's guidance, encouragement, and expertise.  She trained me one on one, pushing me on every set.  She made my workouts challenging and designed a diet that suited my personal needs and unique palate.  She also taught me how to pose and all about the importance of stage presence, from make-up to suits and shoes to tanning.  If you are looking for a trainer/coach for bikini competitions, then Laura is your girl.

- Raquel




Erica Hubble

So back in 2011 for my first two npc bikini shows (which i won both in my class by the way!!) I met Laura. You see a lot of testimonials with before and afters that are remarkable. But I was always the skinny girl growing up, always getting asked if I was anorexic. So when I started lifting weights it took me 2 years to gain 5lbs of muscle, super frustrating but finally this little white gal was getting some nice glutes!! So I had gotten so lucky to know some of the fitness greats like Jen gates and Amy lee Martin. That's how I began my npc bikini journey and met up with laura to rebuild my body after a rough car wreck last year. So I began my 14 week road to to win in my last npc bikini show for now anyways. She taught me how to diet using macros, I could still enjoy over 300 carbs a day close to show time I didn't place but my body looked the best it had ever looked on stage and that was my trophy not how the judges saw me. She helped lift my head up when I was down..transformation gaining muscle is just frustrating as losing body fat, I know you think I'm crazy but to not be called skinny and to have others want your advice to help improve their own bodies feels pretty damn good!! I owe all my knowledge in this sport to another great Laura Marenco. You may never want to step on stage, you may have another goal like a wedding or losing baby weight. Whatever your goal is laura will be there to bust your butt and push you with workouts, it's up to you to push yourself, god only gives us one body to love, at the end of the day motivation is baby steps and having someone next to you during your journey may be your key to success like it was mine. Laura rocks enough said.