Sarah Surber

I have always had a specific fitness goal for as long as I can remember. When knee pain and a lack of enjoyment for running led me to stop running marathons, I felt a bit lost. I did some research and began to follow Laura on social media platforms.

In October 2018, I decided I was ready for my next challenge. I met with Laura at her studio and we decided to focus on getting my metabolism ready for a cut which would  follow my first show in the Spring of 2019. Laura was very prompt in getting my nutrition guidelines (macros-based) and training program to me. I was amazed by the subtle changes that occurred in just a matter of a few weeks. So much so, I was excited to keep going. She was very supportive and responsive to my questions from day one through all of prep and peak week.

Fast forward to April 20th, 2019, I competed in both figure and bikini at the NPC Natural Indianapolis. My goal was to place top 5 in all categories, and I walked away with two 2nd places, a 4th and 5th place. This experience has forever changed me. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (yes, harder than running a marathon) both physically and mentally, but I did it. I was able to achieve a physique I never believed was possible for me. I have utmost respect for this sport and all who participate.

I cannot thank Laura enough for guiding me through this process. If you work hard, the process will work. Be patient. Listen to Laura (she knows her stuff)! She will work with you to bring a solid physique and graceful presentation to the stage. I am so proud to be a Team LMF Athlete. I am so grateful to have gotten to know Laura, the ladies of Team LMF, and others in the local bodybuilding community.


Susan Ramsey

I followed Laura on Instagram for a couple of years before I started working with her. Not only was I inspired by her, but I loved her dedication to her clients. On January 1, 2019 I started my first prep with her. Laura is very attentive to her clients and helps you achieve your goals. On May 4, 2019 I competed in my 3rd show. My physique was the best it has ever been. I placed 2nd in Masters, 2nd in Open Bikini B, and 2nd in Open Novice Bikini B. She also is a rockstar when it comes to posing! She definitely knows how to polish up a routine and help you feel comfortable when you are on stage. Laura is passionate about helping competitors, and she will help you become the best version of you for show day! 

Megan Riddle

I have always been into working out but in 2017 whatever I was doing was not working for my body anymore.  I had gained weight and tried to tell myself it was muscle but the pictures don’t lie.  A competitor friend of mine recommended contacting Laura when I expressed an interest in competing.  Laura and I got started right away with a training program and macro-based nutrition.  I trained with her for over a year before she felt I was ready for my first competition prep in November of 2018.  I competed in my first two competitions in March and April 2019 in Figure and Women’s Physique and placed in every class I entered thanks to Laura’s thorough preparation!  I am now hooked on this sport and plan to pursue it further!  I owe my newfound love of bodybuilding to Laura.  It has taught me how strong I can be mentally and physically.  It will test your sanity at times but the reward is well worth the sacrifices.  Laura is very supportive (but very honest) and has also become a wonderful friend and has introduced me to a dazzling group of women who share the same drive.


Cecilia Beehler

I am a former collegiate runner and have ran 11 marathons. I always looked to cardio for weight loss and always thought more was better. In December 2013 after months of low back pain, I was told I had ruptured my L5-S1 disc and it required immediate surgery. My Orthopedic Surgeon told me if I didn’t want a lifetime of low back pain, my running days were over.
I had intermittently worked out with Laura Marenco, but was not serious because running was my main priority. Due to my lower back injury, I have minimal cushioning between my L5-S1 discs. This makes it necessary to modify my weight training workouts. Laura worked with me on proper form and alternative moves to protect and strengthen my core and lower back.
After 3 years of weight training with Laura, I was ready to compete in a NPC bikini competition! I had dieted in the past with restrictions and did lots of cardio, but when it came to maintenance I was unable to sustain it. I worked with Laura and we did a reverse diet to increase my metabolism. Once I started prep my body was ready! Through Laura’s guidance and extensive knowledge, I watched my body transform into the best shape of my life,

10.1% body fat at the age of 49. I competed in my first bikini completion taking 1sst place in 45+ and 3rd place in the 35+. My second competition was nearly the same, I placed 2nd in Class B for 35+ and 40+.
I am now in my off season and looking forward to next year’s competitions. Laura Marenco is an amazing coach and always there for any questions.

Amy Bond

I’m a mom of 2 teenage boys, and I never really had a weight problem growing up or even after I’ve had my kids. I’ve always considered myself “skinny fat”, I was a cardio queen and could lose weight when needed I just couldn’t put muscle on.  Two years ago, I said enough I wanted to improve my physique and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I did some searching and came across Laura’s website and after reading all the testimonials I knew I found exacting what I was looking for and needed.  I met with Laura and we discussed goals and what I wanted to achieve and the idea I would someday compete.  I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight and there wasn’t an “easy” button, it was going to take time and dedication, but I was willing. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.   And I gained more than I could ever dream.  I gained knowledge about health, nutrition, I started to believe in myself and have self-confidence, and more importantly I gained a friend and a team of women who are positive and support one another.  I am 45 yrs. old in the best shape of my life all due to weight training and proper nutrition.  I’m so happy with my physique and excited for what the future holds, and I owe all this all to Laura

Meagan Vanderpool

I set a goal for myself in the early part of 2018 to train and compete in my first bodybuilding contest.  I had no idea where to start in regards to training or nutrition.  I knew I needed help and that is when I started my search for a coach in Indiana.

I found Laura online and I was impressed with her individual achievements and her ability to transform others into strong competitors, no matter what their level or starting point.

I have been a vegetarian for 23 years and a vegan for one.  I knew this would be a challenge for me and I wanted to ensure I found a coach that could help me with my nutritional needs, given my dietary restrictions.

I met with Laura and she quickly provided me a training plan and a nutritional plan that incorporated my dietary needs to meet my macros and still stick to an all plant based diet. She taught me so much about what my body really needed to run at its fullest potential. She never gave me too much and kept me focused on week-to-week progression. I loved her ability to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and her guidance to make me feel comfortable as I entered into each phase of the competition prep.

After months of training, following Laura’s weekly macro guidance and working with Laura on posing, I competed in my first NPC Natural contest in Indy and placed in the top 5 in both classes, Bikini Open and Novice.

I have never felt better about my conditioning and have learned SO MUCH about proper nutrition.  I look forward to continuing this journey and hitting new peaks in 2019.

I am so thankful to Laura for her coaching and her support to help me meet my goals! Also, her make-up skills are TOP NOTCH!!!!!!!!!  My make-up had never looked better for the stage!! I felt like a movie star


Robin Luksich

I started my journey Oct 2016 for a goal to compete in the April 2017. I have never done anything like this and needed guidance. I contacted Laura and it had to have been the best decision I have ever made. She supplied me with workouts, supplement suggestions, meal plan and weekly check-ins. I followed EVERYTHING she said and when April came around I was stage ready. I’m proud to say I got 1st in Indiana Natural Masters bikini! Thanks to Laura she help me reach goals I didn’t know I could reach. I’m proud to be part TeamLMF.

Robin before after back












Kristina Brooks

January 2017 my husband and I surprised our daughter at Christmas with a trip to Universal Studios. The night before we were leaving, I packed my suitcase and planned on taking few pairs of shorts. Well, I thought I better try them on before I packed them to make sure they still fit. Too my shocking surprise not one pair would go over my hips. This was the beginning of my journey a total life change. Once I turned 40, it seemed like my metabolism was slowing down and weight was coming on faster then it ever had before. I had always been thin. I would go through bouts where I would lift for a year or so or get into long distance running. Then life would happened and I would get out of the habit creating a viscous cycle. So I made it a mission to not yo yo in and out of the gym any longer. After months of hard work dieting and training, the transformation became reality. A friend at the gym who has competed many times, kept making comments to me saying that I should compete. Many times I would say, “No I’m too old for that.” He kept asking til I finally said, I just might give it a try. That is when the door opened for me. In my early 20’s I was lifting quite a bit and wanted to compete but just didn’t know how or who to turn to for guidance. So, I never followed through. I was determined to not let it pass me by again. I started mentioning to friends of my interest and sure enough someone I knew was being trained and coached by Laura. I contacted Laura, she met with me and we started planning for Spring 2018. I assured her I would do what I was suppose to do in the gym and the kitchen. I followed her guidance all the way. She helped me transfer my body into something I thought I would never be able to do. I could not have done it with out her. If you need help or have questions she is always there. I competed in 3 competitions, placing in all three. I even won a first place. I plan on continue this journey as far as I can go while loving every minute of it. My best advice, “Don’t doubt the process. Every step is done that way for a reason. So follow it and enjoy it.”




Laura Bott

I always enjoyed lifting and working out, but wanted to take my fitness to the next level by deciding to compete in a bikini competition. I contacted Laura and she helped guide me throughout the whole process. She provided me with my meal plan, work out routines, what supplements to take, weekly check ins, and one on one posing sessions. Laura helped transformed by body into something I did not think was possible and gave me great confidence. On September 9th, I competed in my first show and placed third in Novice Bikini and Open Bikini B! Without Laura’s help none of this would of been possible. She helped me achieve a fitness goal I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me!




Crissy Wiseman

I am 41 years Old and a mom of 3 wonderful children, I have always struggled with my weight, and have never been happy with my physique until now!! At the age of 38 I had a significant weight loss of 25lbs. I was working out 4 days a week at a pretty tough BootCamp, I finally felt like I peaked, I was not losing and I still had fat in areas I was not happy with. I had 2 friends who competed in NPC competitions one older and one younger than me, their photos were amazing, I was determined to do this.. I had just turned 40 and thought this would be a “bucket list” goal. I did some research and Laura’s name kept coming up. I met with her November 2016 and we set a plan for me to train with her for a year to gain muscle in hopes of competing in the Natural Indianapolis show, November 2017. We met weekly, she taught me proper form and multiple lifts, she provided me a daily work out schedule with macros and diet included. I did not miss one workout in a year and followed my macros to a “T”. November 2017 I competed in my first NPC competition placing 3rd in Novice and 4th in Open. I am now eager to continue my journey and compete again! I can truly say I am now happy with my physique and have the tools Laura has shared with me for a life long journey of health and fitness


Jackie Wyrick before and after copy

Jackie Wyrick

During, my mid to late twenties I got married and started having children. I tried to be active during my pregnancies until it got to be to hard. I gained about 60lbs with my first pregnancy because I thought I could eat whatever I wanted. I never lost sight of wanting to get more muscular. I had 3 healthy babies within 4 years

Being a wife and mom now, my family came first, but I would find time to get a workout in. I started setting goals of running 5K’s and half marathons to get my cardio in. I love lifting so it was always a priority. I would research workout plans and would always have a goal when I was at the gym. I started getting approached at the gym about competing. I placed 2nd at my first figure competition, July 2010. I took a few months to build some lacking areas and competed again in February 2011. Placing 4th in a class of 9. At this competition, I met Laura, her and I competed against one other. I loved the transformation my body made during these times. I started developing pains and issues with my right shoulder so I took some time off to try and heal. Then life in general got busy and I couldn’t find the time to carve out 12-14 weeks to dedicate to contest prep.
As time is passing, I have improved my shoulders and I am finding I am training hard but not seeing the results I want with my body. Having a layer of fat on my stomach, I knew my diet needed some help. I decided it was time to hire a trainer, I
Laura because I had seen some of her clients transformation, knew she still competed, and was a posing coach. I started at the end of April with Laura, setting out to get my diet under control and a fresh new workout to get ready for vacation at the end of June. I started seeing results quickly with leaning out. I was ready for vacation! With the push of my kids and people asking when I was competing, I decided it was time to go for it! It had been 4 years since getting on stage. I set a goal to compete at the Ft. Wayne Flex in September. Laura was very knowledgeable in what worked for my body to get stage ready. She helped me a ton with posing and stage presentation. She guided me in all directions from supplements, posing suit, posing clinics, photo shoots, make-up and just pushing me to stick to my plan. She is very well known in the fitness industry and works with a great group of ladies. It was fun to be around ladies who had similar goals! I had a fast transformation and was able to add a 2nd show, NPC Natural Indiana, where I placed 1st in figure class A. I was so excited to come back from the long break and accomplish one of my all times goals placing First! At Ft Wayne Flex, I placed 2nd in open class A figure and 3rd in masters 35+. Working with Laura has been great, she has pushed me to bring the best package yet! I look forward to forward to working with Laura in the offseason to make some improvements in my physique and to learn nutritionally what will work well with my body! I really enjoy food! I am looking forward to new goals in 2016! 













Heather Bott

Back in may I was looking into doing a bikini competition. Doing some research I found Laura marenco online. After meeting with her she gave me the confidence I needed to do a competition. From there she helped me with my dieting and workouts. Today she has turned me into a bikini competitor and has given me the confidence to compete again. I can’t thank Laura enough for my transformation and has given me a whole new outlook on nutrition and working out. She’s been a great trainer and friend to me and one of best support systems in my life.


Sydni Phelan

The day I stepped on the scale and I looked down to see 196 was the day it finally hit me that I needed to change. I was just about to start my freshman year of college and I didn’t want to still be seen as “the big girl” like I had been in high school. Even though I was a two-sport athlete, I ate and drank whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without thinking of the consequences. When that number “196” popped up on the scale, my heart sank, and it clicked that I needed to do something. Thus, began my weight loss journey.

I went searching for ways to drop the weight. First I started with the “low-fat/no fat” diet, then moved to the “low-calorie” diet, the list goes on and on until I had a friend tell me about Weight Watchers.

This habit soon turned into me only eating minimal snacks here and there, and snacks that were “low in points”. Hearing people say how good I looked and giving me compliments on the amount of weight I had lost made me feel really good about myself, even though I wasn’t doing it the right way. It was all about the number on the scale to me. I would weigh myself every day and as it kept going down and down I kept telling myself that I was “getting skinner” which was my goal.

After I graduated and started working I realized that I needed to start bettering myself. My family and friends could tell that I was going down a bad path regarding nutrition and not eating, so I thought that if I joined a gym that maybe that would help. It didn’t. I ended up just going for cardio and not using the weights or machines because I was self-conscious and I didn’t have the knowledge of lifting.

One day I came home to hear that my younger sister had this bright idea, and that was to start training for a bikini/fitness competition. I asked who she went to and that’s when she mentioned Laura and her studio. She told me that she helps train people, helps with meal plans, and highly recommended me to email her if I was interested. Having a trainer never ran through my mind, but seeing how much my sister loved having Laura and hearing only great things about Laura’s methods, I decided to contact her. I wasn’t into the whole competition prep, but I wanted to see about having her help me with eating better and getting more “toned.” But a couple of days went by and talking with my sister, I thought, “Why not train for a competition?” This would be a HUGE step out of my comfort zone, and this would give me a goal to look forward too and push myself.


Once I met with Laura and sat down and talked with her about my goals, it was settled that she would help me prepare for a competition. She explained to me that it was a commitment and that you can’t just expect things, you have to work for them. It was going to be a tough road but if I stuck with the plan and worked hard I would see results. And I did. I started training with Laura mid-January early February and have loved every minute of it. Laura has not only educated me when it comes to lifting, but she has also helped me overcome that mental barrier of being “the fat girl.” Yes, I still have my days when I see the scale go up, but I know that it’s because I am bettering myself and I can’t make a step forward if I don’t give my body what it needs.

I competed in the NPC Indianapolis Natural and the Infinity Fit Championships this year, where I took home 3rd and 4th place consecutively. I never in a million years would have thought that I would step on stage in front of a huge crowd like I did, better yet, even place in the top 5 at both shows! I never in a million years would have thought that I would find something like this to be a passion, and be something that I want to continue for years down the road. But I did and I owe all of it to Laura. All of her help, support, it all helped me push harder and harder every day to better myself and get me to the place I am now. I am happier with the way I look and knowing that I am doing it in a healthy way makes it all worthwhile. I not only gained knowledge from Laura, but I gained a friend. A friend who I cannot talk/think highly enough about. She is a role model to all and I can’t wait to continue working with her and see what the future has in store!




Jen Derado

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before and after Elethia



Eleathia Backer Harding

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Ali front












Ali Kramer

At the age of 42, I decided that I wanted to compete in a figure completion. While I had a vague idea of what would be involved, I knew that I couldn’t prepare for the competition on my own. After meeting with several contest prep coaches, I knew that Laura was the best fit for my personal needs.
We started working together about 20 weeks before the competition. Not only was I given a personalized meal plan/macronutrient guide, but was also given workouts tailored to build muscle in areas where more development needed to occur. As the weeks progressed, I received weekly feedback as to how my body was responding to diet and workout changes, and diet and exercises were adjusted accordingly. With Laura’s assistance, I saw more changes in my physique than I’ve seen in years of working out.

Laura takes time to meet with you one on one, and is also available by text, email, and phone, to provide support, instruction in posing, and to put to rest any fears one might have before competing. She really demonstrates not only how much she cares about you as an individual. Laura does not provide cookie cutter meal plans or workouts. She takes time to get to know you personally and makes sure you are set up with the proper meal plan and exercises program to achieve the highest success possible. Laura is extremely knowledgeable in preparing for competitions in a healthy way! Whether you are training for a competition, or training for life in general, Laura will help you achieve your fitness goals and become the very best version of yourself!Ali back











Natalie show pivd copy


Natalie Wilson

Growing up I had played all kinds of sports but my biggest passion was soccer.  I was always very athletic and fit, or so I thought. Laura Marenco has taught me what being fit is to a whole new level. I have had no previous experience weight lifting, so building muscles to be fit was something that I was not familiar with. My husband and I began lifting together briefly due to the fact that I had concerns of possible injury due to not having any true knowledge of lifting. That is when my Husband found Laura! My intentions to train with Laura were to learn the technique of proper lifting so that I could work out with my husband with ease. After a few sessions with Laura I was hooked! I bumped up my sessions with Laura to twice a week. I was very pleased with her training sessions! Not only is she an amazing trainer but also a great person and role model. Laura is very knowledgeable in her work, which not only includes lifting but also nutrition and living a healthy life style.
Another area of expertise that Laura excels in is competing. I could not have asked for a better coach. Laura accommodated to my learning needs and stood by my side my entire prep. I had many ups and downs and many many challenges. Laura was able to adjust my prep to fulfill my needs whether it was my workouts or emotional. She was always available and supportive. Competing is a very challenging sport especially for someone like me who has never had any experience it. Laura set me up for success and I could not done as well as I did with out her by my side.
Overall, I have been pretty healthy and “thin” my whole life but it is amazing what weight training and proper nutrition can do for your body. I know now what being fit truly and being lean means thanks to Laura.  I also accomplished the art of competing in a bikini competition successfully with her help. I am in the best shape of my life now even after carrying twins and a third child! I can truly say that I too am a fit mom and proud to have been on team LMF.


Kristin Beaty

Growing up I was a competitive gymnast always pushing myself to the next level after I aged out of my sport I obsessed over my weight and tried to maintain my athletic physique.  As I have aged this became harder, I cut calories and tried different diets did just about every aerobic class, cycling class, group fitness class in existence and even started running ½ marathons nothing was working!  I thought that maybe this was what I had to live with that my body was not going to change

After all I have had 2 baby’s that were 10 lbs each and now was over 40 years old I was almost willing to settle.


Then I started reading a few fitness magazines outlining the benefits and weight training—I have weight trained before but never with intensity or coupled with the proper nutrition.

I started to do a little research on who in town could get me to my fitness goals and possibly get me back into a competitive sport.  I met with Laura we sat down talked about my background and what I was wanting to achieve.  Laura has been able to educate me on the importance of nutrition and how to work eating to my advantage while building muscle and transforming my body.

This past fall I competed in my first fitness competition placing third in my age group.  Proving to myself that I am not too old or too busy to take on new challenges and have the physique I have always wanted.

Laura is supportive and understands the need for balance  I am beyond excited to continue competing and working on my goals along side Laura.


Before and after Ciaga

Ciara Ogle

At the beginning of 2016, I began a new job that created a large impact on my body.  For the first time in my life, I had a job where I was sitting at a desk for almost 60 hours a week.  I had been a server all throughout my college career, so I was used to being on my feet all hours of the day.  I was still training after work, but my energy and motivation levels were low.  I stepped on the scale and my weight was at an all time high for myself, 135lbs.  I was aware that I had gained muscle, but also knew this wasn’t my normal 129lbs I was used to seeing.  I ended up quitting my job after I was offered a position at a local fitness center.  This was when I knew it was time for a change.  I was ready to compete in another NPC Bikini competition.  I had visited Laura a few years prior for posing classes, and thought she would be a great fit as my trainer.  My first two shows I competed in I did not have a trainer.  I knew this time around I wanted to do it right, and needed a person I could trust.  Words CANNOT explain how pleased I was throughout the whole process.  Laura was always quick to respond, very motivational, and extremely honest.  Since I lived over an hour and a half away from her, reliable communication was a must for me.  I felt so comfortable while following her nutrition and workout plan, which made my prep a lot less stressful!  We started my prep at 8 weeks out from my show.  Throughout this time I was given multiple workouts, nutritional guidance, supplement advice, and weekly picture check-ins.  I trusted the process and everything she told me to do.  I competed in my third NPC Bikini competition at a weight of 122 lbs. I placed 2nd in the Open Indiana State Championships class B, 5th in the Novice GNC Classic, and 4th in the Open GNC Classic class B.  I couldn’t have done it without Laura!


Ashley Pistello

When I started prepping for my first bikini competition I knew I needed a coach who would hold my hand through all of the details, as I didn’t have much knowledge of what I was doing. I began to ask people around the area for a quality coach, and Laura’s name came up multiple times. After meeting her in person I knew she was the right fit. She’s blunt and honest, and told me exactly what I needed to know, and always with a smile. J As a coach she sent me my meal plans, training program, and supplement lists. She updated things as needed, which I truly appreciated, as I knew my plans were made for ME. When it came closer to show time, Laura guided me on finding a suit, heels, jewelry, all the other show-day necessities, and perfected my posing. Laura’s true dedication to her clients is shown during peak weak and on show day. She became my best friend and confidant, and that’s exactly what I needed. She was quick to respond via text and email when I had questions or concerns, and she always provided words of encouragement. Competing was such a great experience, and having Laura in my corner made it that much better. She stood by me for the ups and the downs, and representing her up on stage was truly an honor. #TeamLMF

jackie howell

Jackie Howell

I have been exposed to diets my whole life, my Mother was constantly dieting. The message I got was “eat less, do more” I lived this way into my early 30’s. I ran cross county and danced throughout high school. I would eat in excess on days and “start my diet Monday” Which meant calorie restriction, low fat and fake foods. This pattern continued and my weight went up in college.

After graduate school, I had more time to focus on fitness and took up half marathons. I ran miles per week, without proper nutrition. For 5 years I chased a lean, muscular body that never emerged. In addition, I would attend 5 classes at the gym per week. I obsessed over the scale, I let it dictate my happiness.

I started following some competitors online and loved their muscular look. I had no idea how to get started, so I hired a trainer at my gym. I connected with another Mom who had done a competition and she referred me to Laura.

I met with Laura and soon found out how uneducated I was on nutrition. She guided me on proper training and nutrition. I have gone on to compete in three competitions, under her guidance. I was pleased to place in top 5 in both shows this year. Laura has my trust, she has her clients best interest at heart. She recognizes the needs for balance, as she is a competitor and working mother. I am thrilled to continue my fitness. I would have never dreamed I could achieve this body, in my mid 30’s! With Laura’s help I look forward to building my best physique yet!

before and after Maryann Chuck

Maryann C.

In December of 2013 I was looking at pictures of myself from my sister’s wedding in Las Vegas and was shocked at how big I had let myself become! I had tried “dieting” and working out on my own before but never seemed able to achieve the goals I wanted, and never was able to sustain what I was doing. In January of 2014, my husband (realizing how frustrated I was) researched personal trainers, and connected with Laura Marenco. We met and decided to work together to help me achieve my goals, which were weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Laura set a nutrition plan in place using the macronutrient system which allowed me to make make my own choices on my daily menu so I never get bored eating the same things over and over.  I weight train with Laura 3x a week, and I have a cardio routine in place, courtesy of Laura. I will be honest, there were times I sat in my car afterwards and cried in frustration/soreness/exhaustion. But here I am 1 year later, 50 lbs lighter, and wearing a size 10/medium (occasionally an 8!) versus a size 16/xl! Even though Laura hears me “occasionally” complain during our workouts I am happy to head to her gym. I am proud of the work that we have done together and recommend Laura Marenco (LMF) to anyone that comments on my new physique.

Kate transformation pic

Kate S.

At 200 lbs I quit weighing myself. I wasn’t just unhappy about how I looked I was embarrassed by it. I would either hide behind my kids in pictures or just wouldn’t be in pictures at all. I would take my daughter to the playground but would just watch them play because I was to tired.

I tried multiple diet pills and plans. I believe that everybody has a moment where they have a switch that flips. A moment where you say enough is enough! That moment for me was when my daughter walking to the bathroom and saw me giving myself an injection in my stomach. Injections that were supposed to help you lose weight. I realized that I was being an poor example to my girls. That moment I decided I wanted to get healthy and I was going to do it the right way. So began my journey of weight loss.

I hired a trainer and a nutritionist and started working hard and eating right. After I lost the first 50 pounds I hit a plateau. I wanted a trainer that was going to help me break through that. Laura’s reputation preceded her in the fact that she live the life with balance. As a mom of four kids I wanted to learn what it was to have balance but still be healthy. I heard about the macro lifestyle and with extremely interested. Laura was so incredibly helpful in answering questions and I had a lot of them.

Questions from how to do exercise in the gym to why is alcohol not so great for your body and if the effects it has on it.  Laura was truly with me on my journey to step on stage. It was such a big dream that it didn’t even seem possible. I was standing backstage in my glittery bikini and was a shade of the color that I’ve never been before and it’s heels and had tears in my eyes right before I was getting ready to step out onto the stage.

Laura was an encouragement to me. The tears were tears of joy the flashbacks of being tired, of not every feeling good enough of thinking that this was as good as it was ever going to get. The lie of having a “mom body” was no longer truth. I can run, chase and play with my kids without being out of breath. Fitness has become apart of my everyday and I love that my husband loves to lift with me. My encouragement to moms would be start! You are never to old, to heavy, or to busy! You are given one life and one body. I’m excited to see what is to come!   The work is never done!!!

Nicole Holems before and after

Nicole H.

After a Summer vacation in Florida in 2012, I was going through photos and didn’t recognize the person starring back at me.  It was shortly after those photos I noticed I was experiencing severe abdominal pain after eating, and most notable, after drinking and “partying” with friends.  I felt “off” and not myself. I decided to exercise on my own, I made some progress but hit a plateau short after. I was then referred to Laura Marenco and the rest is history 🙂

Training one on one with Laura made a whole world of difference in my training and nutrition protocol. Laura helped me learn proper form, and also helped me understand how to eat for both health and fat loss. I needed to change my body composition and not focus on simple “weight loss”. We trained about a year and I can say that I completely transformed my physique. I entered my first Figure competition and placed 3rd in the Novice category and I owe a lot of that to Laura.

I have now moved away from Indy but I plan on stilll having Laura as my coach. I will follow her online training. I am very excited as I know that she will provide the right tools and knowledge for me to make improvements this upcoming year.

before.after pic Alysa

Alysa C.

January 2013 I set out to cross a few things off the bucket list. First on the agenda was a half marathon. I thought that I’d train for that and make myself a runner. After 4 months of averaging 45 miles a week, an injured knee, and my sister by my side, I crossed the finish line of my last half marathon. Yes, I said last. I was NOT a runner. So now what do I do? I felt discouraged and defeated as I barely lost any weight and now my body was in worse shape then when I began.

The first time I met with Laura was at my sister’s bikini competition in September 2013. I was determined that I was going to step on stage in November with my sister (who at the time was thinking of doing a Nov show as well) but Laura had different plans for me which didn’t include a November show but rather holding off until April 2014. When she told me this I was of course disappointed but I took her advice and decided to train with her and take the extra time to prep. I really had to convince myself that I could actually lose weight by lifting weights and barely any cardio. Doesn’t every girl know that lifting weights only makes you bulky and that cardio was the way to go?! I confess..I was a cardio queen. Boy did I have a lot to learn from Laura! After the first month my body had changed more than I could have ever imagined it to change. I was starting to see these beautiful lines and muscle definition and you won’t believe it…I was getting smaller, not bulkier. I couldn’t believe that this had been kept a secret from me for so long!

I wanted to shout it to every woman out there to get off those treadmills and pick up some iron!  Laura transformed my mind and my body and she did it in a very slow, steady, and healthy way.During my entire 7 months of training I kept thinking to myself, ok so when does the diet actually start getting really tough? Because of Laura’s approach to nutrition and training by using reverse dieting and not pushing the body too fast, I was able to build a beautiful physique in a very healthy way without ever feeling deprived or “starved”. This allowed me to work in my gym time and food prep as well as maintain energy to fuel my already busy life being a mom, wife, & banker. This is what distinguishes a GREAT trainer from a good trainer. The ability to see the whole picture and mold a diet and exercise plan right into someone’s life. There are too many trainers out there who push their clients to get them to the stage, or to bikini season, or to the photo shoot, whatever it might be rather than help their clients develop a lifestyle that will carry on with them after a specific time or event has ended. Laura is one of the Great’s.

A few days ago I competed in my first FIGURE competition. Laura made me a figure competitor. I AM a figure competitor and now we are training me for my second competition in June. When I began with Laura I was a size 10 and I now fit loosely into a size 2. I was 33% body fat and I’m now 13% body fat. I am someone today that I never thought I “could” be and I know that Laura and her training will ALWAYS be a part of my life. She has made me a happier and healthier person.  I could never have stepped on a stage if it wasn’t for her guidance and encouragement and I am extremely thankful for her!

Heather front before and after


I was turning 35 years old in October 2013.  All my life I had imagined that when I was 35, everything would be in place….my husband, my kids, my job, and finally self-acceptance of my body and self-confidence.  I felt like I had everything except what I needed the most.  I had always been self-conscious.  I am 6’1 and it bothered me a lot – to be looked at, to be whispered about, etc.  Every time I walked into a room or a store….people would always comment on my height.  Even if they thought I couldn’t hear them!  I imagined that if I finally was confident and happy with my body that I wouldn’t care because I felt beautiful.  I was NOT to that point and I wanted to be.I am super competitive by nature, but I had no intentions of competing in Bikini to win.  I just wanted to compete to get myself to the point that I felt confident.  If I could actually walk on that stage….then I was a winner.  I hired Laura Marenco after watching a bikini show in September and decided October 1st, 2013 was the start of my new goal to finally be happy with “ME”!

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Laura customized my meal plan and workouts and provided support throughout the weeks and months leading to my first NPC show.  She changed my macros and workouts often and I soaked it all in, doing exactly what she said.  I trusted her and I trusted the process.

Before Laura, I was a cardio queen!  I always thought I needed to run in order to get rid of fat.  She changed my way of thinking and I began lifting weights 5 days a week and barely doing barely cardio initially and then NO CARDIO.  Oh my goodness, how was this possible?  I thought, if this doesn’t work, then at least I listened and did as I was told and then I would go back to MY way and run all of the time.  But guess what?  It worked!  I was building muscle and I didn’t want to do cardio because I was afraid I would burn all of the muscle off.  It was a complete 180 from how I had lived the last 10 years.  I was eating more food, more carbs, more fat….and I was getting leaner every week.  I bought into Laura’s philosophy and am so glad that I did.  It was the most amazing journey I had been on.  I became the person I was wanting to be….and I am not done!

Now when I walk into a room and everyone looks at me because of my height…I also think…heck yes I’m tall….and fit, strong….and HAPPY!  At 35, everything WAS in place.  I feel like I have it all.


eldon chuck transformation pic

Eldon C.

After years of seeing my waistline grow larger and larger, I finally decided to do something at the start of 2014.

I played Soccer and ran track in College and was a lean, somewhat cut, 172 lbs. after my junior season.  That was 35 years ago and I had ballooned to 221 lbs. after Thanksgiving 2013.  At the beginning of 2014, my wife indicated that she wanted to start with a personal trainer and I thought I would consider that as well.  She asked me to research it for her and I thought Laura Marenco would be perfect. When we met with her I thought I might even ask if she could recommend a trainer for me as well.

Well, we are both training with Laura and I have lost 33lbs. to date and have gone from a size 36+ waist to a size 32 waist, in fact I keep getting leaner and leaner and I no longer focus on the scale. Laura has taught me about body recomposition and optimizing my metabolism through strength training and the right nutrition. I now focus on eating whole foods that I know will nourish my body and will help my muscles recover properly and more efficiently.   I have gone from 37% body fat to 21% body fat and have reset my goal to attain 15% body fat.  Although my initial goal, weight wise, has been met, Laura has shifted my focus more on setting goals such as lean body mass, attaining balance in my food intake, and ensuring that I am exercising properly – balance in both cardiovascular and weight training – to achieve a more healthy body. I will continue to truing with Laura 3 times a week as she keeps me focused and hold myself and my wife accountable. We both have made great progress and I am would recommend Laura to anyone who is serious about making changes in their physique and life overall.

judy transformation photojudy-1st-plae-trophy

Judy Hollingsworth

I have been body obsessed most of my life, through the ups and downs in weight, different fitness plans, cardio like crazy and even running. Add in a little bulimia and you have the picture.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical activity, but never obtained the results I wanted: lean muscular look.  Always left me feeling like I was missing something, just could not put my finger on it.

Enter peri-menopause, did I mention I was on the verge of turning 49 when all of the above went down?   Despite running daily with a long run on Saturdays I found myself with a stubborn roll of unsightly adipose around my mid-section, see the picture  I was perplexed, I thought I was a pretty clean eater, so couldn’t understand  what was going on with me. Oh yeah, I also didn’t mention I am a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree, significant time in physiology and nutrition, and a love of tracking macronutrients.

I wasn’t bad, compared to average America, weight 149  , body fat 23%, size 6-8.

In the course of the  discussion regarding my goals, I mentioned that I would like to compete in a figure competition. No goal, no plan on how to get there, but the semblance of an initial plan an inkling of a flame.

Enter to my world, Laura Marenco, referred to me by a mutual friend.  My friend said I think she competes and coaches other people.  Well, meeting Laura was an opening to whole new world of competition figure.  At this point I was hooked.

I started slowly with my new coach, first just posing and then full on work out and nutrition sessions.  The training was fierce and so worth every ounce of sweat and time.  Laura’s expertise regarding training schedules, nutrition, supplements, and overall knowledge of the new world (to me) was something I could not get enough of and soaked it all in like a sponge.  All of this culminated on June 8 when I took the stage for my first competition.

I knew that when I walked on stage I had already won, regardless of any placing or results at the end of the night.  I was the oldest woman in my class, but certainly, one could not tell this by looking.  Quite frankly, at 51, I thought I looked better than many others younger than me in age.  I walked on the stage knowing that I had worked hard to achieve the results that I had obtained and whether I ever walked on stage again, I had learned that one is never too old to transform, body and mind!

lynn collage testimonials

Lynn Koser

“In September 2011, I picked-up a free magazine at my local grocery store. The magazine was Active Life Guide. At the back there were advertisements and one that caught my eye was for Laura Marenco Fitness. Laura had the look that I have always wanted, strong but still feminine, so on a whim I contacted her. When we met, my initial goal was to tone up, maybe even have some muscle definition. I was bored at home with my current routine and I needed someone to keep me motivated. After I started training with Laura, I started to ask her a lot of questions about figure/bikini competitions. I soon changed my goal from toning to becoming contest ready for the Northern Kentucky Show. I also invested in Laura’s nutrition consultation so that I understood what I needed to fuel my body to get it in top shape. We met 3 times a week initially but closer to the show we met 4 times a week. The training was always changing, never the same routine. She also helped me with my posing that would be needed on stage. I really felt like Laura went above and beyond to get me show ready. I did compete in the Northern Kentucky Show against some other very experienced competitors. I placed 13th out of 21 competitors in my group. For my first show and having only trained for 6months, I was pleased with the results. Without Laura’s help, I would not have had the courage to walk on stage in a tiny bikini. Training with Laura helped me grow both physically and mentally. There were days I had my doubts I could do this but with Laura’s help and her experience, she made me believe in myself. I continue to train with Laura because I enjoy it. She keeps my training challenging and maybe again, soon, I might just compete in another show. Until then, I am keeping my body challenged, my mind sharp, and fueling my body with clean foods.”


Ann G.

Prior to January 2011 I was exercising as much as I could around my work and personal schedule.  It seemed as if I was working too much and not allowing for any “me” time. I was lacking self- confidence and did not have the energy levels I expected. I started incorporating more cardio in my workouts but was not paying close enough attention to my diet.  I always thought that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I was working out.  .  Even though I had changed a few things in my diet and workout, I still wasn’t happy with my body tone and definition.

At a local supplements store I was referred to Laura Marenco for personal training and nutrition advice.

Laura was very personable and I felt very comfortable with her.  She immediately changed my diet and suggested that I meet with her once a week for 45 min to an hour.  Within a month I noticed results and Laura pushed me to twice a week and then eventually to 3 times a week.    I will admit that she works me very hard and that she truly cares about me and my physical well- being.  She makes working out fun and constantly strives to motivate me.

A year and a half later I feel more confident than ever and my energy level has increased 100%.  My diet is very healthy and I have gone from 27% body fat to 14% body fat.  Thanks Laura for all your help !!    I love the person I am today and will be in the future.



carling before after testimonial pic

Carling Cochran

February 2012 after the holidays ending and coming off a break up with an ex I decided I wanted to change for the better. Having worked out in the past, I would be one of those typical gym girls who would go for a few months then take a few months off. It had been a good six months since really my last “gym phase”. I decide to make a change for myself. I have always been very petite but I always wanted people to look at me and think… she works out…instead of she is skinny. So I started hitting the gym daily 4-5 times a week. The problem was I didn’t really know a whole lot about lifting weights. I was more of a cardio/ ab kinda girl. So I tried to teach myself . Some months went by and just by luck I ran into someone who had Laura as her coach. So I immediately got Laura’s number….it only took me a week to get the courage to call her. Finally did and we met a few days later. Then my whole outlook on working out, training and nutrition changed. I realized I wasn’t feeding my body the way I needed to to be healthy and have that fit look I wanted. Laura knew off that bat that me stepping on stage to do a fitness show was really my goal. So we started training and got my nutrition on track. Which I stuck to day in and day out. I knew what I wanted and Laura was my avenue on how to get it! Fast forward a few months later, I stepped on stage for my1st NPC Bikini show with a lot of help from Laura and low and behold I took 1st place. I know I would have never been in the position I am today without having Laura coach me and cheer me on all the way. I tell you my story so that you know at any stage you start out at, if you are willing to put in the hard work…blood sweat and tears Laura will get you to where you want to be….The sky is the Limit!!!!

jeff collage good

Jeff W.

“My wife and I started working out with Laura on July 3, 2012. She developed our diet and workout programs. On that I date I had a BMI of 32 and weighted over 230 pounds. Within four months my BMI had dropped to 25 and my weight loss was over 50 pounds. Laura provided all the tools to achieve our goals. The workouts we and focused. I feel better physically than I have in over 30 years. I now have definition in my arms, abs, and legs. I’ve dropped six inches on my pant waist. I highly recommend Laura for anyone looking to become physically fit and totally change their outlook of life.”



Sue W.

“Five and 1/2 months ago my husband, Jeff, and I started working out twice a week with Laura. I had received Laura’s name from a co-worker who had been working out with her for about 8 weeks. As my co-worker shared information about Laura and the program she offered I knew this was exactly the type of program that Jeff and I needed. We liked to work out together, but we were also very good at making excuses to not to work out or alter our eating habits. We’ll start tomorrow or on Monday was one of our favorite sayings.

Signing on with Laura meant we would no longer have any excuses. We had someone else making us accountable and pushing us to work harder and achieve more. During our twice weekly 30 min training sessions, I sweated more than I ever had in my entire life, and mumbled under my breath a lot at how much I disliked the “torture” Laura was putting me through. Still when those 30 mins were up I also had a great sense of accomplishment because I knew I had pushed myself to the limit and that is a terrific feeling.

My goal five and 1/2 months ago was to lose weight, tone my muscles, not being short of breath after climbing aflight of stairs and getting back into the smaller clothes I had hanging in my closet. I am happy to say I have accomplished all of my goals and then some. I managed to lose close to 20 pounds and decreased my body fat by over 10%. I also now know how to stay on a healthy and clean diet, I don’t over eat (not even over Thanksgiving), my smaller clothes fit again and actually are getting big and I feel GREAT!!! So if an out of shape 51 year old woman can reach her goals then so can anyone, all you need is Laura. She will keep you on track and push you to be the best you can be. Thanks Laura.”



Suzanne  P.

“Thanks to Laura I learned the importance of weight training and nutrition. I reached my goal weight and now I live a healthy lifestyle! I continue working out with Laura, she continues to hold me accountable, and helps me get back on the wagon anytime I slip!”